Rice Cookers & Warmers


Item Number      Description                                                                                                       Unit Price

DW81P                Panasonic Electric Rice Cooker                                                                   $179.95

                             Made in Thailand - UL Approved                                                                                 

                              20 cups for 50 people                                                                                                    

DW82N               Rinnai Natural Gas Rice Cooker                                                                   $475.00

Rer-55-A-N                                                                                        -

DW82LP             Rer -A-L N.S.F Approved Made in Japan                                                     $475.00

Rinnai: 50 Cup Capacity                                                                  -

DW83                 Zoujirushi Rice Warmer RDS-400                                                                 $195.00 

         (uses no electricity) Made in Japan                                                          

22 cups                                                                                               -

R-SE-J2000       Electric Rice Warmer                                                                                       $189.95

50 Cup                                                                             -                     

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